Collin, 27, Newport Coast

We asked and you voted! Orange County’s Finest Men

Ideal date?
It sounds super corny, but a dinner and a movie followed by a walk where we can just talk to one another about the evening, the movie, or whatever.

Wigely 696
Collin Wigely, Professor/Coach at Fullerton College; Model with DDO Agency

What makes you laugh?
“Family Guy,” for one. Sarcastic, witty humor for another. It’s embarrassing, but cat or animal videos crack me up. I can find humor in almost any situation. No sense being serious all the time.

What qualities do you look for in a partner?
Class, intelligence, and a sense of humor. Physically, I seem to be attracted to dark-haired girls with light eyes. Having said that, I am open to pretty much any type of girl … just be fit and funny!

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