Wardrobe Stylist Cathy Cooper on Working with the Likes of Modest Mouse and “Weird Al”

Wardrobe stylist and former La Habra resident Cathy Cooper has worked with clients ranging from “Weird Al” Yankovic and Modest Mouse to Apple and Orbitz.

What goes into styling and designing costumes for a commercial?
I meet with the director to talk about character design, palette, and special effects. Then I go shopping. I dress everybody, even the background extras.

How did you like working with “Weird Al” and Modest Mouse?
“Weird Al” is a dream to work with because he directs all of his videos, and he has a really distinct idea of how everything should look. During Modest Mouse’s “Dashboard” video, the guitarist, Johnny Marr—whom I worship—made me the best tea.

Is this what you always wanted to do?
When I started at UC Irvine, I had to choose a major, so I picked marine biology at random. Then I was like, “Why am I doing this? I’ll have to take chemistry!” I transferred to Cal State Fullerton and then to Cal State Long Beach to study art.

Tell me about your acting and modeling work. Where would I have seen you?
I’ve done short films and music videos for people like Laura Marling and Jennifer Hudson. I was a background extra in “American Horror Story.” I’ve done modeling campaigns for the Apple watch, Ray-Ban, and Levi’s.

You also have an art studio in L.A., and you’re in an alternative-rock band. What is your approach to art?
I don’t like to start with an end, because if you start with a plan, you can only go as deep as the plan. I’m actually executing the same thing in different mediums.

What is that thing?
My emotional world.

Watch videos styled by Cooper at cathycooper.wordpress.com

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