The Top 10 Things to Do at Disney California Adventure’s Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier photo by Michelle Pagaran

We got to experience Pixar Pier before its grand opening tomorrow, so we put together the top 10 not-to-miss experiences at the newly redesigned land so you can plan out your next visit.

Photo by Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

1. Chase after Jack-Jack on the revamped and high-energy Incredicoaster. // With a new storytelling element involving an on-the-loose baby Jack-Jack, the already thrilling rollercoaster truly shines. Look out for new midcentury modern decor, a special soundtrack composed by Michael Giacchino (“Up” and “Inside Out”), and a 53-foot-long Elastigirl.

2. Get dinner with a view at the Lamplight Lounge. // With its sleek and modern decor, the new restaurant that sits at the entrance of the pier is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a drink with a beer list featuring two O.C. breweries. Chock-full of nods to Pixar films and filmmakers, each returning visit will surely lead you to a new observation.

3. Try your hand at one of the games on the Toy Story boardwalk. // Whether it’s fishing for the right star or racing with WALL•E, the new carnival-style games will be a hit for the entire family.

4. Listen to live renditions of your favorite Pixar tunes by The Pixarmonic Orchestra. // This seven-piece band will charm and impress with their unexpected takes on classic tunes using instruments such as kazoos and cowbells.

5. Try some of the new Pixar-themed treats and eats. // From fried chicken drumsticks at Poultry Palace to freshly baked cookies at Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums, there is plenty to satisfy your inner foodie.

6. Admire the pier from above on the Pixar Pal-A-Round. // Hop on the ferris wheel featuring many of your favorite Pixar characters and marvel at the land’s new details, including umbrellas featuring the Luxo Ball logo. This is especially refreshing on a hot day, and especially beautiful at sunset.

7. Take some Instagram-worthy photos. // From the dazzling marquee to the Boardwalk billboards, there are many ways to get the shot.

8. Stop by Knick’s Knacks for Pixar-themed merchandise. // Watch an artist sketch beloved Pixar characters and take a special piece of artwork home. Don’t forget your Super Suit!

Photo by Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

9. Meet your favorite Pixar Pals. // Strike a pose on the catwalk with Edna Mode or show off your super powers with Frozone.

10. Pay attention the details. // Whether it be a rotating kugel fountain inspired by the Luxo Ball or a trash can inspired by the iconic Toy Story clouds, details have always been a strong suit for Disney imagineers. Let us know what your favorite Easter egg is at your next visit to the parks!

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