This O.C. Artist Taught Herself New Skills During The Shutdown

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Robin Hiers has been creating her whimsical O.C. lifestyle paintings since she returned to her Laguna Beach roots in 2013. Her work can be seen at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art and at events for the many charities she supports, including Dream Guild of JDRF Orange County, Surf and Turf Therapy, and Surfers Healing. Hiers was busy expanding her paintings to jackets, surfboards, and custom Champagne bottles when the pandemic began. Like many artists and others, she had to figure out how to adjust.

When COVID-19 hit, I had to relearn how to market my art. I had to teach myself how to keep up with the growing online business of selling art.

I discovered a new, untapped market I hadn’t embraced before the shutdown occurred. Many customers have now become avid collectors of my work.

I am an extrovert, so the challenge for me was being alone last year.
Even though many of my clients were online, they helped me bridge that gap. I feel a true friendship with them now.

Generally speaking, the life of an artist is sink or swim. It was a lot of work, but I was determined not to drown. In the end, I didn’t just survive, I changed.

My art celebrates a beautiful life. I tend to put a bit of a retro twist on everything I create. I love the old-school surf culture, but I also adore the glam of a bygone era with its bright colors and vivid style.

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