Sandra Bullock Pop Quiz

The former Sunset Beach resident plays baddie Scarlet Overkill in “Minions,” the animated “Despicable Me” prequel, out July 10.

Test your knowledge of the best actress Oscar-winner.

1. What other animated role did Bullock voice?
A. Miriam, Moses’ sister, in “The Prince of Egypt”
B. Sally, a Porsche 911 Carrera, in “Cars”
C. Tigress, a tiger and martial arts master, in “Kung Fu Panda”

2. Matthew McConaughey, Bullock’s “A Time To Kill” co-star, had a nickname for her. What was it?
A. Gidget
B. Miss Congeniality
C. Redblood

3. What is the name of Bullock’s movie production company?
A. Big Sister Pictures
B. Fortis Films
C. Bullock Proof Entertainment

Answers: 1-A; 2-C; 3-B

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