Reality-Celeb Smackdown: Lauren Conrad vs. Kristin Cavallari


The rival stars of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” are still in competition, with recent books published within days of each other. Both contain ample photos, but otherwise they couldn’t be more different. Here’s
a side-by-side look at L.C.’s “Celebrate” and Kristin’s “Balancing in Heels.”


LC:  Party-planning guide chock-full of colorful, blandly perfect photos; full-page sample invitations and fashion tips for bridal showers, holiday get-togethers, and other festivities. With anecdotes from designer Conrad’s wedding and parties.

KC:  Lifestyle guide with lessons from her pregnancies, marriage to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, working life, and other topics under chapter titles such as “HBIC” for Head Bitch in Charge. The tone is self-aware and reality-TV-survivor wary.


LC:  “To my dad, who taught me that there’s no greater joy than cooking for the ones you love . . . and that basil can go on just about anything. I love you!”

KC:  “For my babies, who inspire me to be the best version of myself.”


LC:  “I live to create. It’s what drives me. Whether it’s a gracefully tailored garment or a tastefully executed tablescape, nothing gives me more joy than making beautiful things.”

KC:  “I know that I only want positive people in my life. In short, I’ve grown up and gotten my shit together. I’ve learned how to live a healthy, happy life.”


LC:  “I’ve spent years curating a closet filled with feminine, flowy dresses. A bridal shower is the perfect event to showcase your most ladylike ensemble.”

KC:  “My personal style is about structure and simplicity. I love looking effortless, like I just threw my outfit together in 2 minutes flat.”


LC:  Apple tartlets with fresh rosemary-flecked crust; appetizer board with sopressata, prosciutto, salami, and three cheeses

KC:  Chia seed and rolled-oat cereal made with almond milk; vegan muffins made with bananas and spinach



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