Chapman Alum and R&B Crooner Nieman Gatus Earns Millions of Plays on Spotify

Singer-songwriter Nieman Gatus has garnered millions of plays on Spotify. The recent Chapman University graduate has a collaborative EP in the works.

Photograph by André Mampourian

How would you describe your sound?
Modern R&B with throwback sounds. Sonically, my music is progressive, but my lyrics hearken back to ’90s R&B acts such as Brian McKnight and Boyz II Men.

What was it like collaborating with your cousin, Moira Dela Torre, a recording artist from the Philippines?
It was an anomaly. We never wrote or sang together before, but we found that our voices complemented each other well. While she was on vacation here, we ended up recording two four-song EPs and a single. The song “Planes” from the EP “Lost in Translation” has had more than 2.7 million plays on Spotify.

Your song “Why Do I Still?” (featuring May Angeles) peaked at No. 8 on the U.S. Viral 50 playlist.
I’m still not sure how, but I honestly think it had to do with the response from the dance community. A lot of dancers took the song and created their own choreography for it. That’s what inspired me to feature dancers in my music video for the song “Outer Space.”

How does your degree relate to your music?
I studied film, specifically creative producing. I had been producing all my music videos myself. I was casting them, putting my money into them, and creating them from the ground up.

Tell me about this upcoming EP with Moira.
While “Lost in Translation” had more of her acoustic-folk sound, this EP will feature more of my sound as an artist. It explores different stages of a relationship—the beginning, marriage, and even the awkward “Can we be friends?” phase with an ex. We wrote and recorded it in just two days. Moira really pushed me lyrically, and I think it paid off.

Nieman Gatus’ new single “Why Him?” (prod. by Jedi Jordan) feat. Moira Dela Torre is out now! Listen on Spotify here.

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