OC Answer Man: What’s the strangest Disney attraction ever?

There have been some doozies, including the Bathroom of Tomorrow and a cow with Mickey Mouse-shaped spots. But it’s hard to top the high weirdness of The Wonderful Wizard of Bras. When Disneyland opened, the Hollywood-Maxwell Brassiere Co. had an intimate apparel shop on Main Street. In addition to all of its unmentionables, the store had a show. The Wizard of Bras—a talking figure that predated audio animatronics—served as emcee for an 1890s fashion show. As the show’s revolving stage turned, 3-D images of models did a nap-inducing striptease, from turn-of-the-century outerwear to corsets and pantaloons. The shop closed six months after opening, but the storefront, with a porch and a couple chairs out front, is still located on the east side of Main Street.

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