Photographer Nick Rothweiler

Photographing a mystical world, built from scratch

The elegiac photos seen here, from a series called “The Mourning Reflection,” are all Rembrandt chiaroscuro, by way of Jean Cocteau. A grim fairy tale, instead of Alice in “Through the Looking Glass,” the young woman, dressed in funereal finery, won’t meet her own gaze in the mirror. Either she sees her future and looks away or is unable to work up the courage to look in the first place. the mourning reflection 006The Anaheim-based carpenter builds elaborate sets then handcrafts and decorates the magnificent costumes for this photographic series devoted to capturing the “last limbo between life and death.”

The ethereal tunes of John Murphy or Clint Mansell play in the background while Rothweiler, co-founder of the late, great Rothick Art Haus gallery (with wife and muse Kelly Castillo), paints his studio’s pale walls black. Nothing in the work is done by computer, adding to its authenticity. The candelabra, mirrors, and ornamental decorations are all castoffs discovered in thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales, the final gothic photographs the ultimate upcycle, never betraying their humble beginnings.


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