Fullerton Band Moxi Heats Up the O.C. Indie Scene With Over a Million Plays on Spotify

Fullerton band Moxi is a gem on the O.C. indie scene; its hypnotic tracks have garnered more than 1.5 million plays on Spotify.

Photograph by Mariah Tauger

Moxie means energy and courage, qualities that Anna Toy wanted to convey in the name of her indie pop band. That moniker was already taken, but the dreamy- voiced singer and her husband, Andy, the band’s keyboardist, didn’t let that stop them. They dropped the “e” and got on with it, right up to their latest EP, “Figures Bathed in Light.” We asked the Fullerton resident about her music and the near-fatal accident that inspired the EP’s haunting title track.

When I came out here from Colorado for college (Vanguard University in Costa Mesa), I started writing and performing folk music by myself. Andy got hired to perform on the first EP that I made as a solo artist. So we met in the studio and became good friends. Once we wrote our first song, we sent it out to a bunch of friends and they all freaked out. So we decided that we’d stumbled on something special.

A couple of years ago, we were driving through these windy cliffs north of Santa Barbara and our car clipped a guardrail and sent us flying off the road right before a 200-foot drop. We hit this extended rail that had just been built. We both had that moment of “Whoa! We’re here, clearly we survived that for a reason—
what are we doing with our lives?” It definitely changes you. I think we wrote “Figures Bathed in Light” the next week. The song is about that experience.

I just want as many people to hear the music as possible. We want to write music that people relate to. If we’re doing that, I’m stoked. The music scene here in Orange County is so close-knit and smaller than the L.A. music scene. I think it’s really exciting because of that. We also just feel like we have a home here in Orange County now, and we want to create a groundswell and get more and more people locally excited about Moxi and about the music scene and branch out from there. It would be a dream to go on tour, opening for someone who’s a lot bigger than we are. We’re focused on now, but—big picture—we want to do all of it.

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