Ido Tadmor: Israeli Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher


Among his multitude of credits and awards, Tadmor is a veteran of Israel’s Batsheva dance company and a former judge on the Israeli version of “So You Think You Can Dance.” His new piece, “Black Morning,” created for Orange County’s contemporary dance troupe Backhausdance, is about life during wartime. The theme of loss and friendship also figures in a duet the 53-year-old Tadmor made for himself and Complexions Contemporary Ballet star Desmond Richardson; he will tour with that New York-based troupe this year.

“I wanted to be part of (the TV show) to make it easier for young men to start dancing.”

“The piece I have choreographed for Backhausdance was originally created in a smaller version; I felt that it needed a stronger company with interesting dancers who could take this piece into new dimensions.

“I want (my dances) to leave a mark on the audience with the deep feelings of how people live in some parts of the world.”

“Today, there are more mature, amazing dancers even in the classical world who bring  qualities that young dancers can’t. I’m lucky that my body still allows (me to dance) in the most physical way.”

“I wanted to put a mirror to very sad times where many women are alone, losing husbands and children to war.”

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