Celebrate the Ocean—At Home

Live mermaid swims, an assortment of musical performances, stories about Polynesian voyaging culture and its history, plus a live shanty sing. These are just a few of the events on a long list of highlights for the Ocean Institute’s Virtual Maritime Festival, which takes place Friday through Sunday.

The event is free and will host experts and enthusiasts worldwide. There are interviews, performances, and discussions slated every hour Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. You can learn about how a three-masted schooner transports coffee through a jungle in Costa Rica or find out how Lucy Bellwood became a professional adventure cartoonist. The festival also features the debut of “Buccaneers Video Game Challenge” with an icon that represents The Pilgrim, the historic ship that sunk earlier this year. For more information or to tune in, go to maritimefest2020.com.

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