O.C. Bohemian: Caitlin Lucia Pursues Stardom

IMG_4045Caitlin Lucia has already taken one big risk to make it as a pop star. The Huntington Beach High School grad passed up college in London to be on “The Voice” and “American Idol.” Now 20, she’s playing gigs­—at the Observatory’s Constellation Room in Santa Ana on Aug. 13—and writing songs she hopes will lift her to stardom. —Valerie Takahama

I played at the pier in Huntington Beach and at the OC Fair. I started performing when I was 15 at the Irvine Spectrum. The first night, I only knew seven songs and I had to sing for four hours. I ended up making $200 in tips.

I have a regular gig at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point. I perform there three, four times a month. That’s a different setting because it’s a luxury hotel, so it’s really cool. Those gigs are really different because I have a dress code and a time schedule. It’s a background music kind of vibe. I do a wide variety of Beatles, Vance Joy’s “Riptide,” Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold.” I perform there with my guitar player (Anthony Grisham), so it’s a duo.

When I’m putting together an onstage look,
I ask myself, would I walk into a grocery store wearing this? If I say “No,” that’s a good outfit. I love shopping at thrift stores and buy-sell stores like Buffalo Exchange. I like Swellegant in Newport Beach. I worked at DeeLux in Santa Ana, a store owned by the mom and dad of my friends, (Chelsea and Justine Brown) the Summer Twins.

Seabirds Kitchen and Gypsy Den at The Lab are two of my favorite restaurants in Orange County. And little coffee houses; there’s a place in The Camp called Milk & Honey that’s really cute, and there’s another one in downtown Huntington that I really like.
I actually performed at the one in Huntington Beach
with my friends. It’s a fun little local spot.

The beach is inspiring, although I don’t go in the water. All my friends make fun of me because I hate going in the water. I love sitting there in the sand, singing and jamming.

Just asking
D.P. Lyle
The Lake Forest author is a practicing cardiologist and medical adviser for TV shows. He has a new thriller, “Deep Six.”

Tell us about an intriguing medical question you got from a writer.
Someone wanted a poison that could be put on the back of a wristwatch that would be absorbed through the skin and kill them. There are options, but cyanide would be the one.
What books are on your summer reading list?
I just finished “The Cartel” by Don Winslow, which is fantastic. This other is “House of the Rising Son” by James Lee Burke. It’s a masterpiece. He is on a level with Steinbeck and Hemingway.
How do you do it all?
Cats. If you have a cat, you don’t sleep much, so you might as well work. His day starts at about 4:30 or 5, so our day starts about then. He’s a Bengal. He talks when he eats; he talks when he sleeps. All the time.

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