Bowers Museum Exhibit Highlights the Best of the Disney Archives

Opening Day ticket, Disneyland (1955), purchased by Roy O. Disney; All photographs courtesy of Walt Disney Archives, © Disney

When “Inside the Disney Archives: 50 Years of Preserving the Magic” opens
at Bowers Museum on March 7, it will provide a rare look at the collection established a half-century ago to preserve and safeguard Disney history. Used by scholars and researchers, the archives include original scripts, props, and costumes from Disney movies and theme parks, historical photos, and Walt’s personal correspondence. Visitors will find sketches from “Fantasia,” scale models from “Frozen” and “Peter Pan,” the full set of Walt Disney’s office from “Saving Mr. Banks,” and the original portfolio used to pitch to potential Disneyland investors.


Items from the archives on display


Age of the archives’ oldest item, a megaphone Walt Disney used while making films in the 1920s


Original screen-worn costumes in the exhibit


Age of the oldest costume in the archives, for Snow White


Pieces of original artwork in the exhibit

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