Wisdom From a Solar Panel Expert

Senait Forthal is the executive director and founder of OC Goes Solar, a nonprofit that helps communities transition to solar energy.

The goal …

We believe the sun is free, so everyone should have access to it. We work to increase that access to make it affordable and equitable for all homeowners, especially in underserved communities. We have a vision to see solar on all homes and businesses in O.C. so we can create a clean world for our communities and our children. We started in 2017 and have had more than 350 homes go solar.

Why it’s important …

If pollution and climate change have no boundaries, we have to include everyone in this transition to clean energy. The average solar system will roughly produce 150,000 kilowatt hours of emission-free electricity in its lifetime. That’s the equivalent of 103 metric tons of carbon dioxide being reduced from the

Financial benefits …

Your payback could be as low as five to seven years. That means for the next 20 to 30 years, you could have free energy coming into your home. The cost of solar has dropped 80 percent in the past 10 years, and our contractors promise to give us a 20 percent discount from the market price. On top of that, you have an incredible tax break from the federal government.

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