The Geronsins Real Estate Group

The Geronsins are a family team that runs an executive boutique style business with the support of a prestigious corporate backing. Their continued success is a result of keen knowledge of the market place and real estate law, work ethic and most important client commitment. The Geronsins have a passion for the Real Estate business and a fully integrated team system in place to ensure a high level of personalized service and cutting edge marketing. With a combined 65+ years in the industry, The Geronsins are able to thrive in diverse real estate markets as they understand and execute inventive thought processes, fundamental business skills and a devotion to a common goal: assisting their clients to achieve an extraordinary experience. With over One Billion in sales volume, The Geronsins are honored to be named as one of the top 200 real estate teams in America. Designees are recognized as the top one-tenth of one percent of more than 1.4 million licensed Realtors nationwide.

  • Luxury real estate
  • Residential real estate
  • Multi-residential real estate
  • Relocation

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