Supercar Owners: Why We Love OC Drives

Supercar Owners: Why We Love OC Drives
Photo credit: Ryan Longnecker

We asked some supercar owners what they love about their cars, and what they love about driving them on some of O.C.s great drives. Here are some of their answers.

Photo credit: Ryan Longnecker

Car: 2019 All Carbon Fiber Ford GT
Owner: Orange County Car Collector Stephen Alderson
“I am thrilled with my new Ford GT. Being a GT enthusiast, the design, engineering, and horsepower are everything I could have imagined and it’s truly exhilarating to drive. Ford did an outstanding job building a world supercar with a V6 engine.”

“It is a true American supercar, with Le Mans race-winning heritage. Fast, beautiful, but easy to drive. This is one of about 450 built so far, and one of one in this color. I love it, and I love to share it.”

Photo credit: Ryan Longnecker

Car: 1966 Ford Shelby Cobra Replica
Owners: David and Lisa Bourguignon
“Every time I get in the car and start it up, the sound and vibration drive out everything I was thinking about, and I just smile. It reminds me how truly fortunate I am to live in this great country and have Southern California as my beautiful playground. But what strikes me most is, in all the years I have been driving it, no one has shown anger or road rage towards me, unlike driving my regular car. I only get smiles, thumbs-up, and people pulling out their phones to take pictures. It seems to make those around me as happy as I am. That’s by far my favorite part about this car! I don’t care about anything at the moment, just the moment in the car.”

Photo credit: Ryan Longnecker

Car: 2016 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
Owners: Father and son Mohammed Zobaer and Zain Hussain
“This car’s been a blast from the very beginning. Weekend drives down PCH are absolutely beautiful, as well as fun. And it’s definitely an eye catcher with its vibrant blue color. Can’t wait to go on some more great adventures with the Lamborghini.”

Photo credit: Ryan Longnecker

Car: 2018 Koenigsegg Agera Rs (1 of 25)
Manager: Tim Cadiente, Koenigsegg USA
“The scenic drives that Orange County has to offer is a true representation of California car culture and truly defines why California Car culture even exist.”

Photo credit: Mathew Knox

Car: Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster (1 of 884)
Owner: David Kuzmiak, @newportslsamg
“The SLS AMG Roadster is the rarest of all the supercars as there are only a handful per state. There is nothing like the burble of an AMG engine, particularly the hand-built M159 naturally aspirated SLS AMG engine when the roadster’s top is tucked neatly away. The way it crackles, pops, barks, roars — no matter the location of the tachometer’s needle — is simultaneously heavenly and hellish. This car is born to cruise Pacific Coast Highway and arrive triumphantly beachside, especially at Supercars by the Sea!”

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