See This Westminster Nail Artist’s Extravagant Designs Up Close

Jade Tang brings outrageous designs to life as the co-owner of Black File Nails.
Photograph by Ralph Palumbo

How did your passion for nail art begin?

I have been practicing nails for almost 14 years. It gave me the freedom to share my artistic abilities—not on one canvas, but on 10 little canvases. Early in my career, I was working at multiple nail salons and taking private clients until midnight. Because of my dedication, I achieved my dream and became the co-owner of Black File Nails.

What makes a great nail artist?

Customer service is important; you have to listen to your clients. The difference between a successful nail artist and others is treating nail art as a career. It’s not something you do just for fun.

What are your biggest inspirations?

Social media. I meet a lot of fellow nail artists, and I follow them on Instagram, so every day, that’s all I see. Even in my sleep, I cannot shut my mind off. I have to get up sometimes to write down ideas, so I can save them for practice.

How is Black File Nails different from other salons?

We call Black File Nails a “nail social.”
The founder, Laurie Nguyen, had a vision for a hip and fun salon where people feel welcome, take their time instead of rushing in and out, and just chill. Bring a friend and have some tea, coffee, or wine.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully, I can open another location and keep creating opportunities for fellow artists. I support them, I love them, and I nurture them because I know how hard it was for me.

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Photographs by Ralph Palumbo

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