Read Our Editor’s Note on the August 2021 Ice Cream Issue

Atomic Creamery photograph by Emily J. Davis

I’ve been reading “The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living” before I go to sleep. Hygge, the Danish word for feeling cozy and content, was everywhere in the U.S. four or five years ago. As the author explains, hygge focuses on comfort, warmth, and togetherness. Ways to achieve it? Candles, good lighting, small groups of friends, and sweets!

I think ice cream can elicit some of the same feelings of joy and nostalgia (Page 80). We’re in the heart of summer, people are savoring the company of friends and family, and it’s time to indulge. Maybe we put aside healthy eating for an afternoon to be in the moment—have a big scoop of rocky road and laugh with those we love. We certainly deserve to relish the small things again this year. Two people I know have epitomized the “Carpe Diem” feeling I seek. My yoga instructor decreed this “The Summer of Jessica,” which I love. Saying yes, being open to whatever strikes your fancy at the time, and planning for self-care in whatever form it takes are marvelous ways to live.

Illustration by Martha Napier

Another anecdote gripping me involves a former colleague. A charming, funny, dedicated sportswriter I worked with more than a decade ago, who’s now in his 40s, suffered a major stroke in mid-May. He had no brain activity for days and was hours from being taken off life support when nurses noticed fluttering eye movement. Apparently, he wasn’t ready to go yet. Five weeks later, he’s gradually speaking more, moving his arms and legs, and generally improving every day. It’s the Hollywood ending he absolutely deserves, and it has brought a large community of friends, well-wishers, and ex-coworkers together to root for him.

It all makes me want to seize the day, and have that extra scoop!

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