Oak and Coal Owner Shares Experience During the Early Days of COVID-19

Orange Coast shares stories of how people in our county connected and coped in the early days of COVID-19: tales from the helpers and heroes, tips for surviving stay-at-home orders, shifts local businesses made to adapt, advice going forward, and a community displaying hope and resolve. You’ll find plenty of reasons to be proud of where we live and how we’re rising together.

Jeff Chon, owner of Oak & Coal, Tabu Shabu, The Alley, and The Wayfarer


“We had a produce sale at Oak & Coal,” says Jeff Chon. “Everything from that went to the staff. This lady comes in and was like, ‘I’ll buy those carrots. Here’s a hundred bucks.’ Some people came in and grabbed a few little pieces of produce and (gave) $150 and that was nonstop. We did a couple thousand dollars on produce that was worth a couple hundred because people were mainly there to support the people who support them throughout their everyday lives; it’s neighborhood camaraderie. One thing to come out of this … is that it’s a good reminder to appreciate what you have and be good to one another.”

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