Newport Beach Chiropractor Gives Tips for Proper Posture

Gus Tsamoutalidis of Newport Beach Chiropractic & Wellness shares his knowledge.
Headshot by John Glover photography

Poor posture problems …
The most common issues are pain in the neck, lower back, and headaches. We’ve been busier than ever (with more people) working from home. You need an ergonomic chair that is adjustable up and down, has armrests and (lets you) have your feet on the ground. The second most important thing is the height of your computer. Most people are looking down; you want your eyes straight ahead.

At-home fixes …
If you can’t get a chair right away, roll up a towel and put it at your lower back for a little lumbar support. Absolutely stretch and take many breaks. Set your alarm every hour or two to stand up and take a one-minute break to walk around.

When to see a professional …
Any time you have pain that lasts longer than a week, it’s time to go see a chiropractor and get your spine adjusted if it’s misaligned or locked up. We also do muscle work to get your muscles massaged and stretched. … I give (clients) take-home stretches as well.

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