Irvine Resident and Co-Founder of VV Fit Studio Shares Tips on Finding Zen

Vinny Rico is the co-founder of VV Fit Studio, which hosts online classes including yoga flow as well as barre and sculpt. He shares how to find Zen in the backyard.
Photograph by Priscilla Tan

Finding breath …
Vinyasa flow yoga is based on breath to movement, and we teach those classes primarily in the evening for people to decompress before dinner with their families. This type of yoga (involves) a lot of strong postures and balancing. You’re going to be moving a lot, so there’s a cardio aspect, and also there’s a meditative aspect to it.

Take it outside …
What I really like about doing yoga outside is you get to be with nature and away from technology. It’s a unique experience—being able to do yoga near trees, see the sky, and get some fresh air. We really don’t get that with working out in a studio.

Yoga break …
I think the nice thing about yoga is you don’t really need any equipment. I would say there’s no right or wrong time to do yoga; it’s just what time benefits you the most. If you’re stressed and need time during your lunch break, close your eyes, take deep breaths and count them—even for a quick five minutes. Take time to just stand and stretch; people think they need to do a specific posture, but honestly yoga is about doing what feels good in the body.

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