Hot Shop: JP Greenwood

The San Clemente photographer’s appointment-only showroom opened in 2019.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Situated on San Clemente’s Avenida Del Mar, the building with a glass exterior will catch your eye. Peek inside and you’ll see two wooden benches surrounded by white walls lined with photography from JP Greenwood. Knock on the door and you’re likely to find Greenwood creating frames by hand or making his prints in the back of the showroom. 

Greenwood aims to capture the essence of his showroom’s first image, a lifeguard tower on the beach, in each picture he has taken since. “I’m just trying to get that same feeling where it’s very centered and singular,” he says. “I want to do that in different environments. Right now, I’m looking for something in the desert. I don’t really know what it is, but I know it needs to have those same components.”

Once he finds the structure or item he wants, Greenwood will take shots of its various elements and then digitally piece the photos together—a combination of photography and graphic design. The result is a clean image that almost resembles a watercolor painting.

“I like to make the image very simple,” he says. “There’s a lot of cleaning things up and taking out anything that your eye would go to besides the main element.”

151 Avenida Del Mar
San Clemente

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