Costa Mesa-Based Good & Gooey Offers Health-Forward Baking Mixes

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Founded by food blogger Lindsay Grimes Freedman, Good & Gooey offers baking mixes based on her health-forward recipes. Freedman started her blog The Toasted Pine Nut after her husband was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

“What I found is although some readers came to my blog because of their dietary needs, a lot of readers just wanted healthier recipes using real food and modern ingredients,” says Freedman.

With the launch of Good & Gooey in late 2020, Freedman’s goal is to make baking her recipes easier and more accessible. The chocolate chip cookie and double chocolate brownie mixes are gluten-free and grain-free, made with almond flour, and sweetened with coconut sugar.

“Both can be made into individual cookies or a pan of brownies, or you can make them in a skillet which is always fun with a scoop of ice cream on top,” says Freedman.

Recently added to the lineup are the chocolate chip peanut butter cookie and confetti cupcake mixes. Look out for seasonal and limited edition mixes.

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