Clean Eats: Advice From A Chef

Chef Prakash Jagadappa of Costa Mesa’s Nourish, a registered nonprofit, serves plant-based fare inspired by Ayurveda—an ancient system of diet, healing, and health maintenance that’s deeply spiritual in origin.

What’s good to know before dining at Nourish?
We are creating our future selves with every bite of food we eat. Nourish is here to support our customers in creating their best selves.

Should diners understand Ayurvedic principles before ordering?
No specific knowledge is needed to enjoy delicious, organic, healing food. Our food is designed to be balanced and balancing for everyone. Though we often help guide people who have specific needs.

What surprises first-time customers?
They are often surprised at how quickly truly healing food can start to transform them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How does Nourish distinguish itself from other health food cafes?
We offer only simple, fresh, wholesome, organic food made from plants. Rather than distinguish ourselves, I would love it if every chef put as much thought into how their food makes people feel as how it tastes. I would love if every chef was also trained in the Ayurvedic science of food, and personally cooked all of the food at their restaurant from scratch each day, while playing holy mantras. I would love if every restaurant was also a nonprofit, so they don’t have financial incentives to use low-quality, premade, packaged, frozen, canned, leftover, or nonorganic food. And when they do, I’d love to eat at their restaurants.

Most popular tea?
Our chai, brewed from scratch three times a day with fresh organic ginger and whole organic spices, is by far our most popular tea. Many customers say it is the best chai they’ve ever had.

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