5 Ice Cream Mashups in O.C.

Go beyond the typical waffle cone with these creative combinations.
Conchitas photograph by Emily J. Davis

The Place

The Combination

The City

The Price

House of Chimney Cakes

Chimney cakes, a Hungarian treat that’s a mix between a churro and sweet bread, filled with soft serve and piled high with extravagant toppings


$7.95 to $8.95

Milk and Cookies

Warm, freshly baked cookies in flavors such as toffee crunch and s’mores paired with house-made ice cream

Newport Beach, with a second location set
to open in
Mission Viejo

Cookie and single scoop for $5, ice cream sandwich for $6

Fluffy Bear

Vanilla bean soft serve topped with brown sugar honey boba on a charcoal waffle cone

Laguna Hills



Ice cream sandwiched between Mexican sweet bread with toppings such as Chips Ahoy cookies and Captain Crunch cereal

Santa Ana


Don Churros Gomez

Vegan churro swirls topped with classic vanilla ice cream and cajeta syrup



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