4 Spots to Check Out in Lake Forest

Find fresh flavors and distinctive diversions at these spots just off the main drag in Lake Forest.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Brio Brio Bakery
The pastries in the case at this new Japanese bakery change daily, but you can expect to see at least one type of buttery, flaky brioche; lemon, orange, chocolate, and matcha are all in the rotation. Other out-of-the-box options include hojicha madeleines, flavored with tea and coated in white chocolate, and matcha financier loaves. Tea lattes and sandwiches on fresh-baked bread round out the menu. 22681 Lake Forest Drive, 949-317-0290

Good To Know
From raspberry madeleines to French almond cakes and sandwich breads, all baked goods at Brio Brio Bakery are naturally leavened.

Fam’s Kitchen
Out of a tiny storefront in a strip mall tucked behind a car wash, this new restaurant turns out Asian comfort food, including fried rice, garlic noodles, and chicken wings. The menu contains a few surprises, most notably the saltado shaken fries. A twist on a traditional Peruvian dish, it consists of steamed rice or garlic noodles topped with steak fries, red onion, aji chili sauce, and either tofu, shrimp, or filet mignon. 23591 Rockfield Blvd., 949-328-9779

Breach Escape Games
The team behind the Escape Bus, a yellow school bus that was transformed into a mobile escape room, hosts another game here at the brick-and-mortar location: “Secrets in Suburbia,” a one-hour puzzle for up to 10 players in which someone in your group is the prime suspect in a murder mystery. When the Escape Bus isn’t at a private party, it’s available for groups to try to solve “Firewall,” a game staged on board. Reservations are required. 22661 Lambert St., 949-716-6233

Vatican Studios
Among those in the know, this tattoo studio is counted as one of the best in Orange County. Owner Franco Vescovi, who has worked on celebrities and created designs for clothing companies and rock bands, leads a team of nine artists who are known for doing large-scale body art. Fittingly, the waiting room looks more like an art gallery, with paintings covering the ceiling and walls. 22622 Lambert St., 949-916-7537

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