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O.C. Answer Man: Is there a rule about skimpy bathing suits in Newport Beach?

Here's what the Newport Beach municipal code dictates regarding skimpy bathing suits at the beach.

Was There Once a Mushroom Farm in Huntington Beach?

Orange County's history and culture are rich with a multitude of interesting facts and stories that many people don't know about including one about mushrooms.

O.C. Answer Man: Why does Orange County have so many eucalyptus trees?

In 1895, state forester Abbot Kinney wrote a book extolling the fast-growing tree’s commercial potential. He claimed, incorrectly, that eucalyptus wood...

O.C. Answer Man: ‘Carbondale’ is a California Historical Landmark. What is it?

Chris Jepsen is the Answer Man. Have a question? Send it to cjepsen@socal.rr.com

O.C. Answer Man: Could those be Disneyland fireworks I’m hearing in South O.C.?

The O.C. Answer Man answers a question about the firework-like noises sometimes heard in South O.C.

OC Answer Man: My professor says Orange County isn’t very diverse. Why?

OC Answer Man tackles another question from the public. This time about the diversity of Orange County.

O.C. Answer Man: What Are the Strangest Animals Native to Orange County?

Not counting the two-legged kind? O.C. Answer Man investigates another trivia question from readers.

O.C. Answer Man: How long have gondolas been plying the waters of Newport Harbor?

How did the idea of having gondolas in Newport Beach first come about and when did it start? The O.C. Answer Man explains in this month's issue of Orange Coast magazine.

Belisle’s Restaurant, Medieval Fairs and O.C. questions

Illustration by Devon Bowman

O.C. Answer Man: What’s the story on the towers along the 55 that glow...

The two luminous 25-story towers called Essex Skyline at MacArthur Place are one of the few interesting sights on the 55 Freeway after dark,...