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8 Celebrities Who Are In-N-Out Fanatics

These celebs love In-N-Out! Click here for our story on President Lynsi Snyder.

  • Miley Cyrus The former Disney star turned tawdry twerking sensation once got a free burger at an In-N-Out near her home in Toluca Lake, when she “forgot” to bring her wallet to the drive-through.
  • Ang Lee While director Lee’s “Life of Pi” protagonist was a vegetarian, Lee himself celebrated his 2013 Oscar by stopping at In-N-Out after the ceremony, statuette in hand, according to TMZ.
  • Courtney Love The hard-living punk rocker-actress reportedly insisted on stopping at In-N-Out just before entering drug rehab in 2004. She also served In-N-Out burgers at her daughter Frances’ goth-themed coming-out party at L.A.’s House of Blues.
  • Gordon Ramsay The Scottish host of “MasterChef” and other reality TV cooking competitions is a huge fan. “I sat in the restaurant, had my double cheeseburger, then minutes later I drove back round and got the same thing to take away,” he once confessed.
  • Adele When the British soul chanteuse won her first two Grammys in 2009, she skipped a party thrown by Coldplay to go the In-N-Out Burger on Venice Boulevard, suggesting, “Maybe I should get two milkshakes to match me two Grammys.”
  • Paris Hilton The inexplicable celebrity reportedly got stopped by police and charged with DUI on the way to In-N-Out in 2006.
  • Bob Hope The comedy legend hired an In-N-Out cookout trailer to cater his 92nd birthday party in 1995. He is said to have driven regularly to a local In-N-Out well into his nineties.
  • Metta World Peace (aka Ron Artest) The eccentric, oft-menacing former Los Angeles Lakers player said in 2011 that he was mad about being ejected from a game, because “I could’ve bought 10,000 In-N-Out burgers” with the fine levied by the league. He confessed that proximity to the burger joints was “the only reason I’m here in L.A. If it wasn’t for In-N-Out Burger, I probably would have gone to Memphis or something.”

For our February 2014 story on In-N-Out President Lynsi Snyder, click here.

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