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Our Selfie Cover in the News!

Editor in Chief Martin Smith talks to KGO radio in San Francisco about our September cover. Read more...

Jay Brewer, Lizard Lord

Trade Secrets

Orphaned at 14, Brewer gave up his reptiles when he moved into a shared apartment in Newport Beach. But a year later, he became a commercial fisherman, giving him the means to get his own place and buy some pet snakes. He eventually opened Fountain Valley’s Prehistoric Pets in1988. “Now I’m known all over the world for my rare, reticulated python morphs,” says the owner of the pet store, breeding facility, and zoo. Brewer, who runs the business with his wife and daughters, finds it rewarding, but financially challenging. “My electric bill sometimes is around $8,000 a month,” he says. “Luckily I have some snakes that are worth ten to twenty grand.” The Brookhurst Street shop is home to hundreds of snakes, alligators, lizards—and Frank. Read more...

The Irvine Connection: James Irvine and the Redwoods

Learn how James II’s tree-hugging efforts in the 1940s were rewarded

Among the network of paths at Prairie Creek is the James Irvine Trail, named for the founder of The Irvine Company. After the 1906 San Francisco quake, James Irvine II (1867-1947) relocated to the family ranch in Orange County, but kept his ties with Northern California. He joined the Save the Redwoods League in 1921 and remained a $2-a-year member for 23 years. A $15,000 donation to the league established a grove of redwoods that bears his name, and he provided an additional $85,000 to help the league purchase more of the ancient forest from timber companies. Read more...

See Balboa Pavillion in Buster Keaton's Films!

Deconstructing our iconic pavillion

The Balboa, an eight-count WWII-era swing dance, has its roots here, but the fast-moving jitterbug was banned due to the building’s deterioration. Read more...

Watching Dad Unload the Dishwasher

For the story, click here.

Summer in Provence Cocktail Recipe

Courtesy of Giovanni Martinez/FIG & OLIVE Melrose Place

Drink in the French countryside with Summer in Provence ($14). Hayman's Old Tom Gin mingles with house-made rosemary-thyme syrup, crushed blackberries, and a burst of citrus. (Don't want to make it? Visit Fig & Olive at 151 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach) Read more...

UC Irvine as Backdrop for “Apes”

“Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” was the fourth of the five original “Apes” movies, all produced by Arthur P. Jacobs. Set in a dystopian 1991, the movie, which was released in 1972, was partially shot at UC Irvine and at Century City in Los Angeles, taking advantage of the futuristic architecture of both places. Among the UC Irvine buildings we noticed in the trailer are Social Science Laboratory, neighboring Social Science Tower, and Langson Library. Read more...

How William Pereira Got the Job to Design Irvine and UC Irvine

The UC Board of Regents voted in 1959 to build two new campuses, one in the north and one in the south. The board wanted sites spacious enough to allow for growth, but close enough to population centers to draw on metropolitan life. Hiring William Pereira’s former partner Charles Luckman to locate Southern California sites (with Pereira watching), the vast Irvine Ranch was selected. It was mostly pastureland in 1960, but the center of Southern California’s population was moving toward this part of Orange County Read more...

Compare and Contrast Those Fast Force Daughters

John Force's Racing Family

The Collectible John Force

The mind-boggling array of products bearing the John Force name

As part of his relentless quest for revenue to finance his racing empire, John Force has licensed a mind-boggling array of products that trade on his name. (Click here for our feature story on John Force: "The 300-MPH Burn Rate".) A few of the more exotic items: Read more...

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