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Brett L.

Age-ish (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s) 30's
Occupation/Industry President and CEO of Rancho Las Lomas
Best quality or attribute? Charming and Ambitious
Ideal date? My ideal date would be a visit to the Canyon’s Cook’s Corner, where cowboy boots are essential. There we would dance to a local band and enjoy a cold beer. If things are going well, I’ll take her on a golf cart ride back to my ranch where she will receive a tour of the exotic animal collection.
Fave thing about or to do in Orange County? From an early morning surfing session in Newport to spending an afternoon snowboarding on the local slopes, Orange County has such a wide array of fun and adventurous things to do.
Favorite place to eat in Orange County? ECCO Pizzeria is an intimate yet modern setting which is a fun twist on a local pizzeria, but nothing compares to a fresh home cooked meal.
Submitted by Brett from Silverado On 9/19/2013
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