Our Top 13 Stories of 2013

What tops Orange County news?

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Many thanks to our loyal readers for making 2013 our biggest year at orangecoast.com! Here are the 13 most popular stories of the year*.

  1. Center of the Universe
  2. Murder, Love, and Redemption
  3. Why Isn’t Randy Kraft Dead?
  4. Top Doctors of 2013
  5. Secrets of Disneyland
  6. 3D Jesus
  7. A Fact-Checker’s Journey to a 1980 Afternoon
  8. Sandy Murphy’s Complicated Life
  9. Best of 2012**
  10. The Private Struggle of a Public Woman
  11. Best New Restaurants of 2013
  12. Murder. Just Because.
  13. My Imported Bride

*Based on google analytics data pointing to specific URLs (i.e. not “The Wine Dudes blog”). January 1, 2013-December 30, 2013.

**Yeah, we thought that ‘2012’ might be a typo too, but it’s not. You can, however, click here for our Best of 2013 feature too.

Pictured: My personal favorite cover of the year, our September ‘Book of Lists’.

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