Cannabis user and crusader, on the effort to decriminalize marijuana

Quotes: Kandice Hawes


Santa Ana voters will decide Nov. 4 whether medical marijuana dispensaries can operate within city zones, and in return pay a 2 percent tax. Hawes and the 250 “little soldiers” she marshals, the O.C. chapter of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, led the charge to put the initiative on the ballot. “For the most part, people who use cannabis are law-abiding except for this,” says the 32-year-old Cal State Fullerton poli-sci major. An arrest 10 years ago in Las Vegas over an ounce of pot in her purse set her on this path. “I lost my financial aid to go to school. That’s why I’m so passionate about changing the law.”


Photograph by Priscilla Iezzi

This article originally appeared in the November 2013 issue.


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  • JJ

    Kandice has done many great things for the community in OC. I have learned a lot about activism through her.

  • PT Rothschild

    I first met Kandice years ago but only learned of her back story a couple of years back. Until then I knew that could happen [getting your school aid pulled] but knew no one personally. This is a vindictive policy indicative of the battle between cannabis and capitalism. To dictate something with proven side effects from Big Pharma over a gift from God [Gen 1:29-30] is Evil. In that battle we all know that God moves in mysterious ways, [his or her] wonders to behold. You are a credit to Orange County, Kandice, and to all those who live behind the Orange Curtain. Keep up the good work.