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Author Pat Jackson-Colando

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Steak, Salad, Rancor

A pre-election plea for more civil dinner-party discussions

It was a spectacular day in Southern California, where seasons seldom matter—just right for a harmonious alchemy of steak, friends, and red wine. Toss in a Caesar salad and, yum, we had a robust milieu for a patio party. No clouds to obscure the sun, no flies to swarm the food, no humidity to wilt the guests. What could go wrong? Read more...
READ NOW: Serial Killer Seduction

Our "Center of the Universe" story is being read all over the world right now. Click here for the story.


Who Did Randy Kraft Seduce?

Current photos of author Jay Roberts.


A Fact-Checker's Journey to a 1980 Afternoon

Our intrepid intern tracks down the details in Roberts' story.


Why Isn't Randy Kraft Dead?

Our original piece on one of California's deadliest and most depraved serial killers. 


Editor's Letter, October 2013

Our editor considers "Center of the Universe" to be compelling—and incredibly frightening. Click above to find out why.