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My O.C.: Love and Landfills

Marriage is complicated enough without having to live as a secret recycler

A crack has formed in my marriage of 25 years, and I don’t see a way to repair it. I feel doomed to a life of senseless arguments and accusations, and I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the City of Huntington Beach. Read more...

Learning to Act: The Brown Pelican

The lessons of long-ago hesitation

One crisp, cold day in February I got the phone call I’d been dreading, the worst call of my life. It found me, even though I’d moved across the country. Six months earlier my husband and I had closed up our house in Huntington Beach and gone to Pennsylvania to care for my husband’s 88-year-old father. Read more...

My O.C.: ‘California Girl’ Classic

No question, that’s her—beaming beneath those deep wrinkles, extra pounds, and jiggly thighs

Turning 60 has not improved my self-image, so I surprised myself when I signed up for a water aerobics class taught at Huntington Beach Adult School. I’d thought about doing it for years, but always chickened out. I could hack the workout, but what stopped me was the embarrassing 20-yard walk from the dressing area to the pool. Read more...

Joyful Regifting

How to make that thing you don’t need keep on giving

Beach sand spread before me like a shimmering moiré ribbon. It was 9 in the morning, Dec. 30, and I was just starting my weekly 4-mile walk. Weather reports from the East Coast called for freezing rain, but here in Huntington Beach the expected high was 78. Not that I’m gloating. I dipped my toes in the water and waded through a thick, white foam that felt as if I were Read more...

Saving Abe

What do you do when someone you love gets termites?

My family tree includes an actual tree. I call it Abe. Abe is an apricot tree. For 30 years he’s been strong and protective and always there when I need him, so I think of him as my third grandfather. We’re very close; he lives outside my bedroom window. I’m looking at him right now. I’m still in bed, feeling miserable, because last night my husband and I had a heated discussion, the same one we’ve had for the last month. Read more...
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