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Avert Those Eyes!

Should You Ignore a Naked Lady?

I’m no prude, but I’m a little put off by the rampant nudity at my budget spa. I’m all for going starkers, but please ladies, how about a little modesty? Read more...

Lines in the Sand

How to Protect Beachfront Property

When someone sets up too close to you on a crowded beach, what’s the best way to encourage them to relocate? Read more...

Gas Pump Loiterer

How to Handle a Squeegee Fetishist

I just watched a guy lovingly squeegee all of the glass and plastic surfaces on his car, including both exterior mirrors, while I was waiting in line behind him to buy gas. It’s not a car wash, for God’s sake. Read more...

Take it to Go

When Taking Your Leftovers Leaves a Bad Taste

When I have leftovers at a restaurant, I ask, “Can you bring me a box, please?” so I can pack it myself, since waiters tend to dump it all in a heap of what looks like dog food when you open it the next day. Read more...

Two Parking Spaces

Justice Takes a Shape - a Door Ding

Is it OK to intentionally ding the car door of someone who intentionally takes up two parking spots in a crowded mall parking lot? Read more...