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Confessions of a Hair Stylist

I had my hair cut very short once. I wanted to be really punk rock and cool, but I came out looking like a soccer mom. It was around Halloween and everyone thought I was in costume.—Dana Marron co-owner of Laguna Supply 

Fifteen years ago I went to a stylist named Mina and referred my good friend and colleague Steve to her. He and I had played practical jokes on each other in the past, so I said to her jokingly, “It would be funny if you cut an M into the back of his head for Mina.” I didn’t ask her to do it and never thought she would. He came back to the office, really happy with Mina and his haircut. Then he turned around and I saw an M shaved into the back of his head. He was furious. I couldn’t believe she did it.—Eric Traut, a Santa Ana attorney

I wanted platinum-blond hair, and low and behold, it ended up bright blue! I was leaving on vacation that day and couldn’t get back in to fix it. I spent the next week with Cookie Monster blue hair.—Raili Clasen, co-owner of Alice Supply Co. 

We don’t have a lot of windows in our salon. A driver hit a power pole down the street from us, leaving us with very little light. It was a busy day, so we had to move all the chairs into the parking lot and finish our clients outside.—James Cook, Lux Salon

I’ve had my hair chopped off many times. One time I took in a picture of Sharon Stone; she’s a blonde, and I’m a brunette. I ended up looking like a Japanese boy. I call it the hair massacre of 1997.—Laurie Bernard, Holiday Salon

A client of mine who is a stay-at-home mom had a little too much to drink before coming to the salon. I went to the bathroom for a minute and came back to find her giving everyone lap dances. She was totally oblivious and the clients were so uncomfortable.—Melissa Richards, V Salon

I worked at a salon in Las Vegas for three years, and things could get a little spicy there. A woman and her husband came in at 9 a.m., still drunk and in last night’s clothes. We decided to do foils, but half way through, her husband passed out in our front room. We couldn’t get him out and had to call security. I pray she took the foils out of her hair.—Romina Costa, Kim Vo Salon 

Years ago, when I was very young, my boyfriend at the time wanted to dye my hair pink.  He bleached it first and left it on for three hours. Then, because there weren’t any commercial products to make hair pink at the time, he used food coloring. The color faded to a weird yellow in about two days and then it dreadlocked. My hip-length hair turned into waist-length white dreadlocks.  I sported them for some time.—Moira Kamgar, artist

Hair Survey

This is what our readers said in our online survey

Is it OK to “cheat” on your stylist?

Yes - If you desperately need to get in to see your stylist and they don't have availability when you need it.  (A girl shouldn't have to wait to feel her hair looks its best!)

Only if you're out of town or if there's emergency.

Depends on the situation.

Yes, no strings attached!

Yes. Sometimes you want to see if someone can give you a better cut or color.

If you've tried multiple times to ask for a style or  color change or if communication isn't going well and your stylist can't seem to understand I believe it is ok to go to a different stylist.

If you absolutely have to. Although, I love my stylist, I dont WANT to go to anyone else!


What hair product can you NOT live without?

Color, hi/lo lights, mouse, lite wax, lite spray.

GHD Hairspray.

Not sure this qualifies, but twice yearly Keratin treatments.

I have flat hair.  Can't live without root booster or mega-hold gel!

The new TIGI REBORN shampoo and conditioner and Davines hairspray. What a great fragrence!!!

Catwalk blowout balm.

Colorproof perfect play gel.

Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum.

Moroccan Oil and my flat iron.

Short Sexy Hair - Frenzy.


L'Oreal's NEW Kerastase Intensive Treatment.


Do you have a stylist pet peeve?

Yes, when they're late or haven't even arrived at the salon yet.

I don't like it when you ask for something specific in your hairstyle, and the stylist does something entirely different without telling you.

Talking to me when i don't feel like talking; always late; not taking customer feedback.

When they have a difficult time recommending a style based on my face shape and style when they are suppose to be the experts.

Yes. When stylists talk over you, like you are not there.

I think in these days of blowouts, the styling is lackluster and the stylists are almost afraid to apply hairspray.  I need more than blow and go.  A bit of a tease, fluff and style is necessary so you walk out feeling like a million bucks.

Someone who doesn't keep,up with latest trends so they can't offer current opinions about my hair concerns. Not a problem with my current stylist!

When they tell you what they can't do for you, or what styles you can't wear. Be positive, offer suggestions.

Gossiping about other stylist at the same salon.

When a stylist stops working on you while she talks and laughs with the stylist next to her.


 A salon pet peeve?

Receptionists who are immature and don't acknowledge you when you arrive for your appointment.

Too loud; not cleaning hair often.

Stylists chatting with each other while doing your hair.

No receptionist.

Unfriendly people at the reception area.

Toooooo much drama!

It's imperative that the front desk receptionist is polite and has a general positive attitude.  I am a paying client.

Snobby staff.

Poor air circulation with salon pungent smells.

Snobby indifferent front-desk receptionists.


Besides talent, what does a great stylist need most?

To listen to me. To have real people skills. Not be on their phone when working or otherwise busy.

A really great stylist has the ability to interpret what the client REALLY means when he/she describes their dream hairstyle.

The ability to listen, and great hair.



recognize what works for me.

To look great. I come for it all!!

Perfect blow dry.

Sharp scissors.

Personality goes a long way.  We develop relationships as we continue to see the person time and time again.  Trust and dignity are important.


Always has time to get me in.  Whether she comes in early or stays late, she works with me and my schedule.

Vision for my style and ability to listen.  One inch does not mean three inches!

Good bedside manner. Be a good listener, be friendly.

A great sense of humor, and great conversation.

Good communication skills and understanding as well as basic people skills.

Positive attitude.

Should a man color his graying hair? Why?/Why not?

Definitely yes because it gives them a morale boost and makes them more attractive.

A man's hair color should be up to him and should be whatever makes him feel most attractive.

It's his choice.

It depends on the guy.

Yes, as long as it looks natural.

If a man chooses to, ok by me.  I think society still thinks it's too vain for a man to though.

Hello--to look younger.

No, it's sexy.

No, natural is better.

If he wants to, go for it!  Men should look how they want just as women do.  Just don't do yourself or it will look bad and a bad dye job on a man is a death wish.

If he wants to, yes.  If he thinks he "has to," no.

Sure.  As long as it's natural and not that "shoe-polished" look.

This is personal -- if a man wants to color it, by all means he should.

If he wants to, but gray hair looks good on men.

Not all men, some men look great as a silver fox!

Absolutely!  Why should women be the only ones to disguise their age?

Sure!! If it makes him feel better! But not if they are going to do it themselves!!

This article originally appeared in the November 2012 issue of Orange Coast magazine. 

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  1. Deb Lelchuk posted on 11/21/2012 01:35 PM
    I was very disappointed to find that with the exception of one in Fullerton, all the stylists listed were in Costa Mesa and further south. Nothing west of Harbor Blvd or north of the 405 freeway. That leaves out an awful lot of Orange County. What about Anaheim, Brea, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach? Plenty of great stylists here I would think and certainly a large population of customers.
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