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Artist Spotlight

  • Artist Spotlight: Salwa Rizkalla, Gala of the Stars

    Born in Cairo and now a Huntington Beach resident, Rizkalla thinks globally. The artistic director of Fountain Valley’s Festival Ballet Theatre brings dancers from around the world to Orange County every August for the Gala of the Stars. Soloists Quenby Hersh and Agnes Su trained at Rizkalla’s Southland Ballet Academy, which also runs a summer program that attracts international students and teachers. The 66-year-old studied at a Russian ballet school in Egypt, and danced professionally before coming to the U.S. in 1979. Read More
  • Arts: Multimedia Spiritualist

    The 1971 retro sci-fi, 100-foot mural in Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios in New York City wouldn’t seem to have much in common with the 15 mosaic Stations of the Cross at Saddleback Church’s Rancho Capistrano property. But for Jost, the 72-year-old artist behind both projects, they convey his spirituality and belief in eternity. His other work includes bronze sculptures, polyurethane paintings on aluminum panels, and a fountain and mosaic commissioned by his hometown of Dana Point. Read More
  • Arts: Music Festival Director

    In high school, Neuss played classical piano and viola, and as an undergrad at UC Berkeley she studied theater and literature, and participated in a student theater group. So it’s not surprising the 27-year-old Laguna Niguel resident chose a career in the arts. “There are a lot of fantastic organizations that have huge staffs, but I wanted to find a smaller one with an exciting vision where I could make a difference.” Read More
  • The Frida Cinema, an Indie Movie House Founded by a Reel-Time Artist

    This month marks the opening of The Frida Cinema, an independent two-screen movie house in downtown Santa Ana’s East End neighborhood. Its founder and executive director is 38-year-old Logan Crow Read More
  • Berenika Schmitz, Arts Crusader

    She has traveled the world as a concert pianist, but Schmitz considers herself “… a citizen artist. I care what happens in the arts beyond me.” So Schmitz—who studied music and government at Harvard and earned a master’s degree in cultural policy from Oxford University—invests her time and energy cultivating the arts close to home Read More