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The Global Diner: Banh Mi

Banh mi has long been one of Little Saigon’s most important culinary treasures. Thanks to the neighborhood, it has become a cultural phenomenon in Southern California. You can find this Vietnamese sandwich almost everywhere now, but here are three of our favorites. Read more...

The Global Diner: Fish Tacos

Try to imagine the quintessential fish taco and there’s a good chance you’ll immediately dream of Baja. The two are intimately connected, but the fish taco is one of the fundamental foods of all of coastal Mexico, as beloved by sun-bleached surfers as they are by those who grew up on Sinaloa’s shores. Read more...

The Global Diner: Korean Cold Noodles

This time of year, we all sprout a sweet tooth, seeking icy satisfaction in a milky paleta or frozen banana. But there’s no better chill-out on long, blistering days than Korean cold noodles. Read more...

Global Diner: Paella

Confined mostly to tapas-inspired bites and dishes beset by a fusion of Iberian flavors, Spanish cuisine is rare in Orange County. So it’s no wonder that finding a good paella—rice stained a glorious saffron, seafood plump with its own briny juices—can be so difficult. Luckily, local diners aren’t limited to traditional paella. Consider one of the dish’s many Spanish-speaking variations. Read more...

Global Diner: Bento Box

The concept of washoku—the harmony of food—is at the heart of Japanese cuisine. This cooking philosophy is designed to be both nutritionally fulfilling and aesthetically engaging: just the right balance of textures, flavors, colors, and smells. Outside of an elaborate multicourse kaiseki meal, the best and most accessible way to fall under the spell of washoku is with a bento box. Read more...

Global Diner: Ethiopian Combo Plate

There’s something magical about a good Ethiopian meal. The East African cuisine, after all, draws heavily upon the special alchemy of long-simmered stews known as wot, dishes that transform humble ingredients such as lentils and split peas into objects of almost luxurious richness. The best way to experience those flavors is a classic combination plate.

Global Diner: Pozole

Every bowl of pozole is full of elemental pleasures: swollen kernels of hominy and hunks of fatty pork bobbing in rich, porky broth. A homey Mexican favorite, its origins trace to pre-Columbian traditions that have been refined, reimagined, and reborn over centuries. Read more...

Italian Subs

They go by a slew of names—subs, hoagies, grinders, heros—but these classic Italian sandwiches are beloved no matter what you call them. Some fans prefer them sloppily overflowing with meatballs and tomato sauce; others search out neat stacks of fine imported salamis and cheeses. True, they were born on the East Coast, but the ones we return to in Orange County can hold their own. Here are the markets and delis that serve the best. Read more...

The Global Diner: Pupusas

It’s no wonder pupusas are El Salvador’s chief culinary export. One bite of these griddled discs of masa all but bursting with cheese, meat, or vegetables and you instantly forget any inane comparison to quesadillas or gorditas. Read more...


Apiquant Thai salad can be crowned with a mound of seared steak, green papaya, or barbecued shrimp. All are delicious. But branch out and go for larb, a simple salad of minced meat and roasted ground rice combined with fresh herbs, a scattering of vegetables, and the Thai trinity of fish sauce, lime juice, and chilies. This dish, which crept across the border from Laos, is one by which you can measure any northern Thai restaurant. Read more...

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