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The Global Diner: Vindaloo

India’s smallest state, Goa, is the birthplace of vindaloo. The dish is a beguiling mix of tangy, sweet, and spicy, and traditionally is made with pork steeped in vinegar, garlic, ginger, chilies, coriander, cumin, onions, mustard oil, and tamarind. Reinterpreted by the English, it has become one of the most fiery dishes on the menu at your favorite local Indian restaurant. Read more...

The Global Diner: Hu Tieu

There’s no dearth of delectable noodles in Asian cuisine—the options are vast and varied. Consider hu tieu. It’s Chinese. It’s Vietnamese. It’s Cambodian. You can eat it with broth. Or without. And, to add to the confusion, there are several styles of preparation and toppings. Read more...

Lomo Saltado

One of Peru’s most beloved dishes, lomo saltado, isn’t completely Peruvian. It’s a Chinese-influenced, wok-sauteed variation on the time-honored pairing of meat and potatoes. The dish comes with a punch of flavors: a dash of soy sauce, a splash of vinegar, tomatoes, red onions, strips of beef, and golden fries, all cooked together and served with a side of steamed rice. Boring meat-and-potatoes, this isn’t. Read more...

Goi Cuon

The Vietnamese goi cuon, or spring roll, is a satisfying marriage of textures and flavors—quite possibly the perfect hand-held meal. Fillings vary, usually a mixture of noodles, fresh herbs, and poached or grilled meats, all tightly wrapped in chewy, delicate rice paper. None is as popular as goi cuon nem nuong stuffed with chargrilled, marinated pork, fried egg roll skin, and fresh lettuces, mint, cucumber, and chive. Read more...

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