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  • Must Try Wine of the Week: Edi Simcic 2010 Malvazija, Goriska Brda, Slovenia

    As Monty Python would say, “and now for something completely different.” As with most European wine regions, the vineyards in Slovenia go back to Roman times. And, in fact, grapes were planted in Slovenia before either France, Germany, or Spain. Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • Matches Made in Heaven, Dessert Edition

    Food and wine pairing, part 2

    In Tuesday’s blog, I discussed matching wines with difficult-to-pair vegetables such as asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and artichokes. I also offered suggestions for what to drink with sushi, and salty fare. Now let’s talk about the most important part of the meal—dessert. Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • The Blind Pig's Building a New Trough

    Rancho Santa Margarita's food-forward gastropub is spinning off sandwiches

    It’s only been a year or so, but the young owner of Rancho Santa Margarita’s the Blind Pig has already secured his second location, which undoubtedly puts him on the path to a full-on empire. Tony Monaco was just 25 when he opened the lakeside gastropub last August, and at the time he imagined a “3 by 30” business plan—three restaurants before he turned 30. Read More
    Taste of O.C.
  • Matches Made in Heaven

    With our Friday “Must-Try Wine of the Week” posts, we give examples of what type of food pairs well with our suggested wines. But, as you may have discovered, some foods have an inherent quality that naturally fights wine, making for some difficult pairings. I’m talking asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and artichokes. Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • Lots of New at Zov's Bistro

    Louie Jocson, formerly of Red Table, joins as culinary director—plus, major Tustin remodel and Anaheim resort location

    Having to be in two places at once is nothing new for Zov Karamardian. Her restaurant business has expanded into a not-so-mini empire that will be six restaurants when the new Anaheim stadium-adjacent shop opens in October. While it’s under construction, the Tustin flagship is wrapping up a $750,000 remodel. There’s just a lot to do. Read More
    Taste of O.C.

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We frequently review restaurants in the Main Course, Rediscovery, and Bites sections of our print magazine and website. Here's a list of the most recently-reviewed restaurants!

Priscilla Mayfield on Food in Orange County

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  • O.C.’s Best: Tiki Drinks

    These quintessential warm-weather tonics transport you to the tropics with a potent blend of rums, sugar, and lime

    Though some regard them as overly cloying concoctions, tiki cocktails such as mai tais and zombies are enjoying a resurgence in Orange County. Craft bartenders layer the rum-based drinks with multiple spirits and spices to create beguiling and complex potions. Here are five great places to get your tiki on. Read More
  • O.C.’s Best: Vegan Breakfasts

    These five Orange County kitchens prove it’s easy being green, even at the most important meal of the day

    Veg-heads don’t just mow down bowls of granola and slam wheatgrass shots at the break of dawn. Most want to enjoy brunching on Sunday-Funday with everyone else. And because it can be hard to find tofu scrambles and dairy-free waffles, we’ve rounded up five local eateries that provide tasty vegan options to start the morning right. Read More
  • O.C.’s Best: Shaved Ice

    These aren’t the crunchy snow cones you grew up with, but frozen treats shaved with exacting precision from ice blocks

    These light and downright lush desserts get tricked out with enticing toppings and mix-ins, many taking their cues from Asian favorites such as red beans, mochi balls, and lychee. But they also can be as traditional as orangesicle and strawberry shortcake. Here are six places in Orange County to get your brain-freeze on. Read More
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