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  • Spring Brings a Harvest of Wine Events in Orange County

    Many wine events coming up in Orange County are worth recommending. And many are charity-based, an additional incentive to sip and savor. Here are the most noteworthy: Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • Wine’s Dumb Phase

    At any time after bottling, a wine (usually red) can slip into a “dumb phase” or “fall sleep.” In other words, it goes through some doldrums for various periods in which its aromas and flavors are muted. Since each wine is alive and different, this is an unpredictable phase, often dependent on the producer, the varietal, the vintage, and the bottling conditions. Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • The Return of Break of Dawn Can't Come Too Soon

    Laguna Hills favorite is moving, but the new location will be easy for fans to find

    Even though the situation is only temporary, things are a little rough around brunchtime since eternal Orange County favorite Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills closed last month. Where are we to get our tempura eggs, house-cured pork belly, and crème brulée French toast with soy caramel? Well, we won’t have to go far, as it turns out—the restaurant is relocating to a bigger space in Oakbrook Village, where it’s always been. Read More
    Taste of O.C.
  • At Masterlink, the Daily Grind is Anything But

    The sausage specialist supplies restaurants, private labels―and backyard grills

    Tucked away behind a no-frills metal security door on the alley side of Big’s Bar and Grill in Fullerton, Masterlink Sausage and Meats quietly hums with activity. The 50-year-old Fullerton institution turns out more than 60,000 pounds of sausages a week, many under its own label, and a lot for brands you know, including one of the very biggest names in the sausage biz. I’m not at liberty to divulge that one, or other clients nearly as big, some of whom send their own proprietary spice blends to Masterlink marked in code—even the sausage makers don’t know what’s in them. For plenty of others, Masterlink does the seasoning and smoking. Sales manager Mike Pease showed me a bin of hickory wood shavings for the smoker—the company doesn’t use liquid smoke flavoring. Read More
    Taste of O.C.
  • Must-Try Wine of Week: 2011 Golan Heights YARDEN Galilee Israel Chardonnay

    Wine plays an important role in Jewish holidays, especially the Passover Seder where all present must drink four cups of wine (or grape juice). Here are a few facts you might not know about kosher wines, plus my recommendation for a good kosher chardonnay. Read More
    The Wine Dudes

Wine Program Review

  • Seasons 52 Fresh Grill Offers Impressive Wine List

    I recently dined at Seasons 52 Fresh Grill in South Coast Plaza, and found the wine program to be exceptional, both for the scope of its extensive wine list, and it’s attentive wine service. It’s gratifying to see that the restaurant, which promotes a healthy diet and prides itself in seasonally inspired cooking with every item on the menu less than 475 calories, considers wine an important part of a wholesome lifestyle. Read More

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We frequently review restaurants in the Main Course, Rediscovery, and Bites sections of our print magazine and website. Here's a list of the most recently-reviewed restaurants!

Priscilla Mayfield on Food in Orange County

O.C.'s Best: Dining Guides

  • O.C.’s Best: Bloody Marys

    The classic hair-of-the-dog cocktail is bigger and bolder than ever, with inspired garnishes and premium upgrades

    Get your vegetables and booze in one convenient—and delicious—serving with what’s been hailed as America’s murkiest and most complex cocktail. Traditionally made with tomato juice, vodka, celery salt, horseradish, Worcestershire, and Tabasco, its origins are widely debated. Here are five superb O.C. renditions of the world-famous drink.

    Read More
  • O.C.’s Best: Power Lunches

    For the business elite, big meals and big deals are all part of the dance

    When it’s time to impress important clients, it helps to have the right atmosphere. Our advice? Do it over a lunch that shows you mean business. Break bread at any of these five restaurants in Orange County—don’t forget to wear your best-looking suit and, of course, bring the company plastic. Read More
  • O.C.’s Best: Elixir Soups

    If you’ve caught whichever virus currently is making the rounds, reach for comfort in a steaming bowl of goodness

    There’s nothing like the warmth of soup to soothe the misery of a cold or flu. Whether it’s a light broth or hearty porridge, it’s a universally nurturing remedy. If mom’s not around to prepare her famous homemade chicken soup, these five Orange County options are the next-best thing. Read More
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