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#OCLocal Selfie Contest
Our cover story lists 52 must-do things for locals. Be like pro surfer Sunny Garcia, left, and capture one of those experiences in a selfie. Post it to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest accounts—tag it #OCLocal and @orangecoastmag—for a chance to a win a new Polaroid camera and more! Click here for all the details!
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Orange County Photo Gallery

Looking to share your best local photos with others in Orange County? Now you can! Just post your best shots to to help create a living gallery of great local photography.

Upload your photos here!

(image uploaded by Tom Griffithe)

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Celebrity HighO.C. Celebrity High

Pass judgment! See high school photos of the stars—complete with bad hair and dorky outfits. Tiger Woods, Gwen Stefani, Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and more. You get to vote on their sex appeal and rate them from 1 (geeky) to 10 (gorgeous).

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