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My Orange County: Tuesday Night Fugitives

Fact, fiction, and an unexpected dose of scary reality

I have an email from the Queen of Atlantis. At least, that’s what I call her. Her name is Lisa, and she runs our Tuesday night writers group. I call her the Queen because she’s descended from the royal family of Atlantis, so she says, something she’s researched extensively and often talks about. Read more...

My First, Best Destiny

The Saturday night date was an easy, safe choice. Until it wasn’t.

It seems so simple. Here I am on Saturday night, dateless even though I’m dating someone. Read more...

Superwoman Returns

His memories were good enough to tempt. Hers were clear enough to sting.

I call her Superwoman because there’s nothing she can’t do. I used to date her umpty-ump years ago, back before either of my marriages. She’s the smartest woman I’ve ever known, a biological scientist, free-form sculptor, and hot-air balloon pilot who liked to hike the Cleveland National Forest at a breakneck pace—fearless, resourceful, good-natured, and good-looking. She also could kick my butt at Scrabble. I had the better vocabulary, but she was better at picturing “the spatial relationship of the letters.” Read more...
READ NOW: Serial Killer Seduction

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Who Did Randy Kraft Seduce?

Current photos of author Jay Roberts.


A Fact-Checker's Journey to a 1980 Afternoon

Our intrepid intern tracks down the details in Roberts' story.


Why Isn't Randy Kraft Dead?

Our original piece on one of California's deadliest and most depraved serial killers. 


Editor's Letter, October 2013

Our editor considers "Center of the Universe" to be compelling—and incredibly frightening. Click above to find out why.