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Compare and Contrast Those Fast Force Daughters

John Force's Racing Family

The Collectible John Force

The mind-boggling array of products bearing the John Force name

As part of his relentless quest for revenue to finance his racing empire, John Force has licensed a mind-boggling array of products that trade on his name. (Click here for our feature story on John Force: "The 300-MPH Burn Rate".) A few of the more exotic items: Read more...

The 300-mph Burn Rate

Yorba Linda’s John Force rules the fast, dangerous, and wildly expensive world of professional drag racing. But with his $24 million-a-year overhead, how long can the aging motorsports superstar keep going?

It’s still a few hours before drag racing legend John Force will compete at the Auto Club Raceway in Pomona. But as the 64-year-old Yorba Linda man makes his way through the autograph- and picture-seeking fans on the track’s fringes, he’s already clad in the bulky, uncomfortable-looking fireproof suit that drivers customarily don just before a race. Read more...

In-N-Out's Burger Queen

Lynsi Snyder, the youthful president of Irvine-based In‑N‑Out Burger— and one of America’s wealthiest women—has been as low profile as the fast-food chain’s menu is legendary. Until now.

Comfortable in a settee in her high-ceilinged office, Snyder leaves her tall iced coffee untouched as she recounts the two occasions she was nearly abducted. The first was when she was 17 and a high school student in Northern California. The second occurred in Baldwin Park when she was 24 and working in management at In‑N‑Out. “I ran across the highway,” she recalls of her escape. She pegged her would-be kidnappers for criminals out to nab an heiress, because “they had a van with boarded-up windows.” Read more...

8 Celebrities Who Are In-N-Out Fanatics

These celebs love In-N-Out! Click here for our story on President Lynsi Snyder. Read more...

5 Items From the Secret ‘Secret Menu’ at In-N-Out

Over the years, the In-N-Out faithful have fueled their obsession by concocting odd special-order variations on the chain’s famously minimalist fare. The so-called “secret menu” is such a familiar part of In-N-Out’s identity that the company publishes its own version with items such as the animal-style burger, which features mustard cooked into the patty. But here are a few even more offbeat secrets, gleaned from fan websites. Read more...

But Wait! There's More!

How a Fashion Island skin-cream peddler plunged face-first into the high-stakes, high-anxiety world of TV home shopping networks and became an international star

Tustin Ranch’s Ron Cummings, on camera in the studio of Sydney’s TVSN channel, is momentarily taken aback. “I’ve called to perv on Ron a bit,” the caller had just said in her thick Australian accent. Perv? It isn’t until later that someone explains to the skin-care entrepreneur that in Aussie slang, it’s a verb that means, “I think you’re hot.” Read more...

Why Isn't Randy Kraft Dead?

Thirty years after his arrest in Orange County, one of California’s deadliest and most depraved serial killers still lives and breathes on San Quentin’s death row. What’s wrong with this picture?

Do you know the area around where Mission Viejo is, and all that?” Max Gambrel asks over the phone. “That’s where Kraft was apprehended. California Highway Patrol made the stop there.” Read more...

Web Exclusive: More on Randy Kraft

Unwanted Memorabilia & Myths About Serial Killers

Thirty years after his arrest in Orange County, one of California's deadliest and most depraved serial killers still lives and breathes on San Quentin's death row. Our feature poses the question: What's wrong with this picture? This web-exclusive supplement extends the print feature. Read more...
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Why Isn't Randy Kraft Dead?

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