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Part-Time Foo Fighter: Taylor Hawkins

Person of Interest

When he’s not playing for the Grammy-winning Foo Fighters, the 41-year-old who grew up in Laguna Beach rocks out with the cover band Chevy Metal. Formed in 2002, the dirt rock ’70s-’80s group plays songs by bands its members grew up listening to, including Black Sabbath and The Knack. “It’s kind of like if guys get together and play poker, or go on a fishing trip, except it’s a band.” He says the group, which performs at local events such as Costa Mesa’s recent 60th anniversary celebration, is a party on stage. “It’s all just a goof, you know?” Read more...

The Full Spectrum

From shopping to dining and entertainment, Irvine Spectrum Center is the people-pleaser of outdoor shopping complexes

Orange County and the sun pair like wine and cheese. With so many outdoor shopping complexes nearby, you can shop without sacrificing your enjoyment of the brag-worthy weather. One complex that caters to all: Irvine Spectrum Center. Read more...

Wake, Skate, Repeat

Just like any other teenager, Nyjah Hutson uses social media to help document his life. Discover a little more about the back-to-back gold medalist through this collection of his past tweets and photos—we even threw in a couple “Throwback Thursdays” for an earlier look at the skateboarding star. Read more...
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