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Author Astgik Khatchatryan

  • Astgik Khatchatryan

    Associate Editor

    Hailing originally from the Valley, and even more originally from Armenia, Khatchatryan joined Orange Coast after working as an editorial intern for the magazine. Armed with a degree in literary journalism from UC Irvine, her goal is to make everyone else’s job easier, thus becoming the most-loved staff member in the office. She enjoys surfing the glorious Orange County coastline, playing ukulele, and performing improvisational comedy—not all at once, though that would be something.


Person of Interest: Restless Rider

Cheryl Charlton

She has been one of the top three riders at Los Alamitos Race Course for the past four years, and is considered one of the best female jockeys in Southern California—though the 26-year-old Cypress woman says she doesn’t keep track of her stats. Still, the 5-foot-4 Charlton is competitive by nature, and says her most vivid memory of her first victory was of galloping past the finish line. Read more...

Snapshot: Art Without Limits

Negin Singh, on her UCI education, her expanding arts collective, and bringing music to the masses

Featured on the White House’s “Women Working to Do Good” blog, Singh is fast becoming a standout arts and events producer in SoCal. In addition to Brokechella, the “music fest for the rest of us” taking place April 19 in downtown L.A., the 27‑year‑old oversees an annual film festival, art installations, stage shows, and acting workshops. She hopes to someday host an event similar to Burning Man.

Conquering a Fear of Heights at Trapeze School

Behind the scenes at our High Flyer shoot, with photographer Priscilla Iezzi overcoming her fear of heights just to get the right shot! Read more...

She’s Baaack! A Second Take for “Friday” YouTube Phenom Rebecca Black

Like many who watched the viral music video “Friday” in 2011, my reaction was a mix of shock, horror, and amusement. It was so hilariously bad that, years later, my husband and I sometimes ironically belt it to each other when Friday rolls around. (We we we so excited, you know?) Read more...

Snapshot: Quiet on the Set

Eighteen months ago, new hearing aids allowed Costa Mesa-raised filmmaker Austin Chapman to hear music for the first time—including the soundtracks to his films

After making several shorts—including “Eleven Eleven,” which was shown at the 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival—Chapman underwent a profound change. Within hours of posting his story online, 14,000 comments poured in. The 25-year-old has been working his way through the history of music ever since, while setting his sights on new projects. Read more...

There Are Some Sounds I Hate, Like a Flushing Toilet and Motorcycles

An extended interview with deaf filmmaker Austin Chapman—who can now hear

For the full story on filmmaker Austin Chapman from our February print magazine, click here. Read more...

Devoted Bearder

Person of Interest: Happy Harrigan

When the Costa Mesa resident and a few friends founded the Gentlemen’s Beard and Mustache Coalition nearly four years ago, they had two goals: to be involved in the sport of bearding, and to create a networking group of like-minded individuals. Read more...

Orange County's Professional Princess

Meet Ashley Pellegrini of Medieval Times

While everyone else at Medieval Times was staring at the jousting knights, a teenage Pellegrini spent her first visit with her eyes on the throne. Read more...

Snapshot: The Witty Professor

Valley girl Sandra Tsing Loh of public radio’s “The Loh Down on Science” brings her sharp humor to UC Irvine this quarter—and opens a new chapter in her famously complicated left-brain, right-brain life.

She’s studied physics at Caltech, launched two radio shows, published five books, written candidly about her affair and divorce in The Atlantic, excelled in music and performance art, and was booted off KCRW for accidentally dropping the F-bomb. Read more...

Japanese Dollar Store Adventures

Orange Coast magazine visits Daiso Japan in Irvine

I don't know what I've been doing with my life since Daiso Japan opened in Irvine's Heritage Plaza last year, but let me tell you—I've been missing out! Our art director Mindy Benham took a few of us on a field trip there a couple of weeks ago, and now we're obsessed. The variety of products is dizzying, and we could have stayed there for hours looking at each item, trying to decipher what everything was (a lot of the labels are in Japanese, and the guessing game is just part of the fun) and filling our baskets with the most random and cutest merchandise. Read more...

Quotes: Rick ‘Rockin’ Fig’ Fignetti

A Huntington Beach surf icon, on life as the voice of the US Open of Surfing

The 56-year-old Surf City legend, announcer to some of the sport’s biggest competitions, is preparing for his 20th year as the voice of the US Open of Surfing, July 20 through 28. Holder of several West Coast and national titles, and a Surfing Walk of Fame honoree, Fignetti still competes, while also running his Main Street board shop, Rockin’ Fig’s Surf Headquarters. Read more...

Snapshot: Life After Julius

Surf City native PAUL FRANK, on his new brand and his role as co-curator of this month’s Kustom Kulture II exhibition at Huntington Beach Art Center.

Julius, the iconic sock monkey, is still thriving—as is his creator. But eight years ago, Paul Frank parted ways with the eponymous multimillion-dollar company he co-founded in 1995. His current art-and-accessories line, Park la Fun, marks a return to simpler times for the 45-year-old artist. Read more...
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