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Author Astgik Khatchatryan

  • Astgik Khatchatryan

    Associate Editor

    Hailing originally from the Valley, and even more originally from Armenia, Khatchatryan joined Orange Coast after working as an editorial intern for the magazine. Armed with a degree in literary journalism from UC Irvine, her goal is to make everyone else’s job easier, thus becoming the most-loved staff member in the office. She enjoys surfing the glorious Orange County coastline, playing ukulele, and performing improvisational comedy—not all at once, though that would be something.


Meet Umi Garrett, 14-Year-Old Piano Prodigy [VIDEO]

What qualifies a 14-year-old to give a TEDx talk? How about being globally hailed as a piano prodigy since her 2009 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”? Umi, who lives in Aliso Viejo, already has released two albums, played with multiple symphonies, been named a Young Steinway Artist, and won competitions in Japan, Hungary, and New York. This month she’ll speak at the TEDxOrangeCoast conference at Soka University. In other exciting news, she’s just started high school. Click here for more. Read more...

Indian Street Fare in Action: Adya [VIDEO]

At Adya (, inside the new Anaheim Packing House, chef Shachi Mehra offers contemporary interpretations of Indian street foods, tandoori specialties, and rich curries using fresh, sustainable ingredients, prepared simply. The menu offers the expected samosas and chicken tikka, along with lesser-known specialties such as pavs, the Bombay-style sloppy Joes of spiced vegetables or meat, and Indian beers as well. Check out the video below for a sneak peek at how Chef Mehra puts together her tasty bites. 440 S. Anaheim Blvd. Read more...

Speaker of Note: Umi Garrett

Person of Interest

What qualifies a 13-year-old to give a TED talk? How about being globally hailed as a piano prodigy since her 2009 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”? Garrett, who lives in Aliso Viejo, already has released two albums, played with multiple symphonies, been named a Young Steinway Artist, and won competitions in Japan, Hungary, and New York. Read more...

Snapshot: Confidence Woman

Makeup maven Carmindy, on her new cosmetics company and mission to help women celebrate their inner and outer beauty.

For a decade, she gave hundreds of women life-changing makeovers on TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Now that the series has ended, the 43-year-old Newport Beach native who grew up in Surf City is channeling everything she learned into her own makeup line. Read more...

Stand-Up Guy: Amir K

Person of Interest

The 33-year-old comic is making a name for himself on the SoCal circuit after touring for several years with Maz Jobrani, a fellow Iranian-born performer well known on the scene. He has appeared on the big screen (a cameo role in the 2012 Oscar-winning film “Argo”) and the small (starring in the MTV prank show “Jerks With Cameras”). The former Orange resident first took to the stage when the housing bubble burst, ending his job as a real estate appraiser in Huntington Beach. He lost everything but his sense of humor. Read more...

Legends: Princess Charming

Disneyland’s first Snow White remembers dwarfs, dancing, and the golden age of Hollywood

JoAnn Dean Killingsworth is a favorite at Capriana, a retirement community in Brea. She walks through the art room where her paintings are currently on exhibit, and then turns down the hall toward her apartment. Staff members and fellow residents who pass all have a kind word or friendly greeting for the 90-year-old. As she nears her door, two housekeepers emerge. Read more...

Snapshot: The Hardy Globetrotter

Andy Tubbs, on his quest to find a team for this year’s Adventure Racing World Championships in Ecuador

The 2013 championships, held in Costa Rica, proved brutal for Tubbs’ Team Bones. Expected to last six days, the nearly 550-mile route took nine to complete. One teammate broke three ribs on the first day. Tubbs weathered a foot infection that landed him in a wheelchair after they crossed the finish line. Read more...

Exclusive Video Tour of Anaheim's Packing House

Click here for our Neighborhood guide to Anaheim's Packing House. Read more...

Person of Interest: Chalkaholic

Maribeth McFaul

Between teaching art classes at Newhart Middle School and working on her popular watercolor paintings, the 58-year-old Mission Viejo resident and former gallery owner puts pastel to pavement, creating massive, temporary works that easily can take as long as 20 hours to complete. Read more...

Person of Interest: Restless Rider

Cheryl Charlton

She has been one of the top three riders at Los Alamitos Race Course for the past four years, and is considered one of the best female jockeys in Southern California—though the 26-year-old Cypress woman says she doesn’t keep track of her stats. Still, the 5-foot-4 Charlton is competitive by nature, and says her most vivid memory of her first victory was of galloping past the finish line. Read more...

Snapshot: Art Without Limits

Negin Singh, on her UCI education, her expanding arts collective, and bringing music to the masses

Featured on the White House’s “Women Working to Do Good” blog, Singh is fast becoming a standout arts and events producer in SoCal. In addition to Brokechella, the “music fest for the rest of us” taking place April 19 in downtown L.A., the 27‑year‑old oversees an annual film festival, art installations, stage shows, and acting workshops. She hopes to someday host an event similar to Burning Man.

Conquering a Fear of Heights at Trapeze School

Behind the scenes at our High Flyer shoot, with photographer Priscilla Iezzi overcoming her fear of heights just to get the right shot! Read more...
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