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Nominate him or her for the 2014


Physicians of Excellence Awards! 



Orange Coast magazine, in conjunction with the Orange County Medical Association (OCMA), will publish its annual list of Orange County Physicians of Excellence in the January 2014 issue and is currently seeking nominations. The Physicians of Excellence program was designed to honor outstanding physicians practicing in Orange County. The selection criteria that will be used to determine physician excellence were developed by a multi-specialty collaboration of the OCMA. Anyone can nominate a physician to be considered for the Physicians of Excellence program. Physicians need to be nominated only once to be eligible to apply for selection as a Physician of Excellence. Multiple nominations for the same physician are discouraged. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Once nominated, an application packet will be mailed to the nominee with the details of the application process. Membership in the OCMA is not a requirement for selection. Minimum criteria for Physicians of Excellence include:

- Hold board certification within specialty of nominations

- Maintain a primary practice location in Orange County, California for the last 5 years

- Be in good standing with the Medical Board of California

- Have been in practice within his/her specialty field for the last 5 years consecutively 
   Nominators are not required to certify that the physician they are nominating meets these criteria.

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