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Center of the Universe


I read something on the internet one recent evening that made a brief and tangential reference to a serial killer preying on Marines in Southern California in the 1970s and early ’80s. Having been stationed at Camp Pendleton, I thought, “How come I never heard about this?” I had returned to the East Coast upon my discharge in September 1980, but still. So I searched “serial killer California Marines 80s” and came up with the name Randy Kraft.

Dining in Orange County


Life & Style in Orange County

Tastemakers: Working Out in Style

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If a woman is to have it all, her wardrobe needs to do it all. At least that’s what three savvy Newport Beach women believe. So last year, Leah Hundsness, 45, Libby Amelia, 30, and Lauren Gill, 32, all with long fashion and beauty resumes, founded Out Inc., a fitness and activewear line based in […]

above The orientation of outside  terraces, which include a heated spa  and cold plunge, provides privacy.  1 The entry, with flowing creek, leads  to the living room and the view beyond

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