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Should California Taxpayers Pay for a Killer’s Sex Change?


As soon as the federal ruling was issued this April, Skylar began talking about pursuing state-funded surgery for herself. But this is hardly a new quest; she has wanted such an operation for more than 20 years. Unknown to many people who followed the Hawks case, Skylar’s need to pay for the surgery was a primary motive for murdering the couple.

Center of the Universe


I read something on the internet one recent evening that made a brief and tangential reference to a serial killer preying on Marines in Southern California in the 1970s and early ’80s. Having been stationed at Camp Pendleton, I thought, “How come I never heard about this?” I had returned to the East Coast upon my discharge in September 1980, but still. So I searched “serial killer California Marines 80s” and came up with the name Randy Kraft.

Dining in Orange County


Life & Style in Orange County

Hot Shop: Natural Beauty


Laura Linsenmayer, a Laguna Beach native and cosmetologist, decided a few years ago that we should pay more attention to what’s in our beauty products. “It was a common-sense shift,” says Linsenmayer, 36. Her business plan included learning all aspects of the industry so she could open Roots: The Beauty Underground, a Laguna Beach boutique […]


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