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  • Hot Shop: Betting the Farm

    Seal Beach brothers take the family business to new heights

    “There’s not a guy in America who wants to go to the mall,” says John Anderson, left, co-owner, with his brother Mike, of Tankfarm in Seal Beach. Read More
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  • Must Try Wine of the Week: Edi Simcic 2010 Malvazija, Goriska Brda, Slovenia

    As Monty Python would say, “and now for something completely different.” As with most European wine regions, the vineyards in Slovenia go back to Roman times. And, in fact, grapes were planted in Slovenia before either France, Germany, or Spain. Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • Matches Made in Heaven, Dessert Edition

    Food and wine pairing, part 2

    In Tuesday’s blog, I discussed matching wines with difficult-to-pair vegetables such as asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and artichokes. I also offered suggestions for what to drink with sushi, and salty fare. Now let’s talk about the most important part of the meal—dessert. Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • Matches Made in Heaven

    With our Friday “Must-Try Wine of the Week” posts, we give examples of what type of food pairs well with our suggested wines. But, as you may have discovered, some foods have an inherent quality that naturally fights wine, making for some difficult pairings. I’m talking asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and artichokes. Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • Perfect Getaway: The Eastern Sierra

    Colorful scenery, culinary excursions, and Old West adventures await

    Mark the change of seasons with a drive along the Eastern Sierra, where U.S. 395 threads a colorful path through vibrant autumn scenery. The 230-mile roadway through Inyo and Mono counties is flanked by stands of aspen, cottonwood, and willow trees in hues of gold, orange, and red until the end of October. Designated a state scenic highway, the route passes along the charming cities of Bishop, Crowley Lake, Mammoth Lakes, and Bridgeport, and the eastern side of Yosemite National Park. Pack your binoculars and be prepared for challenging mountain trails to reach some breathtaking views. Read More
  • Speaker of Note: Umi Garrett

    Person of Interest

    What qualifies a 13-year-old to give a TED talk? How about being globally hailed as a piano prodigy since her 2009 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”? Garrett, who lives in Aliso Viejo, already has released two albums, played with multiple symphonies, been named a Young Steinway Artist, and won competitions in Japan, Hungary, and New York. Read More
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  • O.C.’s Best: Tiki Drinks

    These quintessential warm-weather tonics transport you to the tropics with a potent blend of rums, sugar, and lime

    Though some regard them as overly cloying concoctions, tiki cocktails such as mai tais and zombies are enjoying a resurgence in Orange County. Craft bartenders layer the rum-based drinks with multiple spirits and spices to create beguiling and complex potions. Here are five great places to get your tiki on. Read More
  • Must-Try Wine of Week: 2000 Kalin Cellars Livermore Valley Semillon

    “No wine before its time” is the motto at Kalin Cellars, founded in 1977 in Marin County by microbiologists Dr. Terry Leighton and his spouse Dr. Frances Leighton. The Leightons believe that because of the style of their winemaking, the wines are not ready to drink for at least five years, and then some. Read More
    The Wine Dudes
  • Hostage Wines

    There’s a curious phenomenon in the California wine industry called “hostage” wines—limited production, highly desirable quaffs sold directly only to select devotees. They’re also called “cult wines” as in “furiously sought after” by wine lovers. Read More
    The Wine Dudes

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