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Should California Taxpayers Pay for a Killer’s Sex Change?


As soon as the federal ruling was issued this April, Skylar began talking about pursuing state-funded surgery for herself. But this is hardly a new quest; she has wanted such an operation for more than 20 years. Unknown to many people who followed the Hawks case, Skylar’s need to pay for the surgery was a primary motive for murdering the couple.

Center of the Universe


I read something on the internet one recent evening that made a brief and tangential reference to a serial killer preying on Marines in Southern California in the 1970s and early ’80s. Having been stationed at Camp Pendleton, I thought, “How come I never heard about this?” I had returned to the East Coast upon my discharge in September 1980, but still. So I searched “serial killer California Marines 80s” and came up with the name Randy Kraft.

9 Reasons We Need an NFL Franchise in Orange County


Overlooked in the speculation about luring the NFL back to Southern California is the fact that two professional football teams are already here, both with ties to Orange County. So why does our Gridiron guinea pig think the term “professional” is misleading?

Dining in Orange County


Life & Style in Orange County

Hot Shop: Natural Beauty


Laura Linsenmayer, a Laguna Beach native and cosmetologist, decided a few years ago that we should pay more attention to what’s in our beauty products. “It was a common-sense shift,” says Linsenmayer, 36. Her business plan included learning all aspects of the industry so she could open Roots: The Beauty Underground, a Laguna Beach boutique […]


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